Truths and Myths About Passion-Based Business

Truths and Myths About Passion-Based Business

Thinking of passion-based business and Eileen Fisher quote (see below), I am inspired to share my observations of myths I have observed over the years, and the truths I practice myself and with my clients.

From the time my daughter was young, I let go of asking her for A’s at school. I invited her to follow her passion. I then gave her space to find her passion and her authentic voice. I also suggested that when she was not feeling successful, to check in to see if she had listened to her voice and was actually (still) following her passion.

Fast forward to today, following her passion, she speaks of how easy grad school is. No surprise she received straight A’s to affirm her commitment to her passion.


Let’s be clear, she is studying at an ivy league grad school so the work is not easy. During the year I heard about late hours and assignments due over holidays. What she shared was her perspective on the work. Her feelings about the work from her place of passion.

Like many of you, she is multi-passionate. During her “free” time, she lives into another of her passions, creating graphic art for both peace of mind and profit (some of you may have seen my recent posts about her pet-commissions). Living into her heART as an entrepreneur. Somehow, she makes the time to do both and more. We often speak about how this “work” nurtures her passion-energy and balances the grad work.

My daughter, my tribe and I know this as the Way of the YINpreneur. It is about the true meaning of R.O.I. = Return On Intention. Getting clear on your passion and authentic voice is your #journeytocenter.


Following your passion isn’t only about you or the work you are doing in the world being all woo-woo or easy. It is about leading from your heart, being clear about your passion, and speaking from this passion in your authentic voice. In this way, you are renewing versus draining your energy and moving forward. From this place, you can accept the work as part of your journey to realizing your magic. This is what I believe people mean when they are busting their buns to get things done yet say, “it doesn’t feel like work”.

[[firstname]], speaking of authentic voice… I was inspired to use the time given to me as I waited out the pouring rain before heading out to connect with family members visiting from California to create a Facebook live video to complement this share.

For now, I send you wishes for clarity of vision, passion and the power to manifest magic.

Hi, I am Karen McMillan, mom, YINpreneur and internationally certified, intuitive life and business coach (ACC, CUG)

My passion blending ancient wisdom with modern practice to help you slow down to speed up your success, and know life and business bliss.