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After ten years, thousands of postings, nearly a million views and more last stand battles for justice than I can remember, it’s not easy to imagine a world without Bagels at Bar Mitzvah.

It served as a safe place where people who reluctantly but with no other choice could come and say things that would sound crazy to anyone who hadn’t gotten it into their head that for the purpose of justice they were compelled to engage in mortal combat with an opponent fifty trillion times their size. And compare notes with others similarly deranged.

In the real world of course we understood that battles so imbalanced are not supposed to be winable and not just due to the disparity of size but because the banks own the county and think they own us. Bagels allowed us to enjoy the fairytale we grew up believing about justice and equality in the eyes of the law. But it’s not easy to disengage from the fairytale of American justice, it was after all the concept upon which the country was built. It’s also kind of important to keep a semblance of it alive since every now and then there is a breakthrough victory. And it usually happens because someone like one of us dreamers wouldn’t give up.

Eleven years ago I first posted on this site. It was five days before a scheduled sale. I’m still fighting but still in my home because of the help I received on Loansafe. Bagels at a Bar Mitzvah is a thread I started in 2011 as a place we could work together, share our stories, pool our knowledge and brainstorm on how to keep our homes. The name is a reference to the manner in which banks ought to be handing out modifications to homeowners after they played with our mortgages on the stock market, collapsed the economy, then when they got bailed out and promised to modify loans but instead used the modification process as a mechanism to foreclose.

But something changed that the banks didn’t foresee. We were all becoming more savvy in the use of Al Gore’s brilliant invention called the internet as a means of resistance since its made the law accessible to everyone. We were even finding things that attorneys didn’t know about since as it turned out the banks have been profligate in their malfeasance perhaps under the conceit that no one would even know.
Not the law isn’t bloody complicated, particularly as foreclosure involves so many area of the law but it’s a significant tool in our hands.

On Bagels we’ve tried to provide what isn’t available anywhere else: real people with hands on experience telling the truth and sharing our experience and a place to for people in the most alienating of circumstances to find support. When you’re fighting for your home against outrageous odds with an opponent who thinks they’re above they law you need someone on your side.

So Bagels at a Bar Mitzvah will pick up where we left off and keep on moving forward. If you need help post your circumstances, if you have knowledge to share please join in. Everyone will be treated with respect.


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